Changes in Tariffs


Dear passengers,

In order to optimize calculations of city trips with a mixed route (both within and outside the city), the minimum cost of the order shall include the tariff for driving along/outside the Moscow Ring Road.
For convenience of calculations in driving along and outside the Moscow Ring Road, the same tariff shall apply: driving at the speed of over 30 km/h – 23 roubles/km, waiting and driving at the speed of under 30 km/h – 14 roubles/min. The cost of car delivery outside the Moscow Ring Road has been reduced from 25 roubles/km down to 20 roubles/km.

The flagfall tariff, subsequently as per time or kilometrage depending on the car driving speed will continue to have effect from the taxi stand.
The new tariff plans for carriage of passengers by ordered cars of “Standard”/”Comfort” class will become effective at 00:00 on September 01, 2013.
The more detailed information about the tariffs may be found in the following web-site sections: “Standard” Class Tariff and “Comfort” Class Tariff.

We invite you to start the new academic year together with us!

Sincerely Yours,